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$tuff about me.

Melanie Getman is a visual artist, muralist and graphic designer from San Francisco, California. She defines artistic movement as the materialization of “safe space,” and uses it to connect with viewers primarily through visual themes that evoke a sense of diversity, peace, belonging, and nostalgia. She has partial formal training across various institutions on San Francisco with a focus on Visual Arts and has continued to self teach across multiple forms of media until present day. She has curated a multitude of shows beginning as a founding member of the TYP Artist’s Collective in 2010- an organization that provided free art shows and resources for local youth as well as assisting in the organization of exhibitions dedicated to highlighting other artists. In the last year she has created graphics for prominent brands and national awareness campaigns to reflect her activism. She has completed murals in San Francisco’s Mission, Sunset, North Beach and Chinatown neighborhoods- highlighting each district's cultural backgrounds and specific micro-cultures. She is also known for her abstract “urban-junglescapes” which are intended to bring a sense of ethereal escapism into everyday city life.